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  • Xiaomi Smart Home hub 2

    Xiaomi Smart Home hub 2


    The Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub 2 is an upgraded smart home control center that can connect with your Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth smart devices. The hub and other smart devices can be freely combined into various flexible systems that enable mobile phone-based remote control of your smart home devices and linkage of automation scenes…

  • Xiaomi Window and Door Sensor 2

    Xiaomi Window and Door Sensor 2


    Easily monitor and get alerts to any openings around your home with the Xiaomi Mi Door and Window Sensor 2.┬áThe Sensor 2 can connect to even more scenes with the 2-in-1 light and opening/closing sensor. Its magnetic induction sensor determines open or closed statuses. After connecting to a Bluetooth Gateway, you can easily view the…

  • Xiaomi Wireless Switch

    Xiaomi Wireless Switch


    Easily control the smart devices in your home with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Wireless Switch. It features a small and flat design that can be easily placed anywhere in the home, can connect to all your Mi Smart devices, is easy to install and use and is fully customizable to control more than one device if needed.

  • Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Monitor 2

    Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Monitor 2


    The Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 lets you very conveniently keep an eye on and remind you of any changes to the temperature and humidity in your home. It features an elegant design with a 1.5″ LCD display, a built-in high precision sensor, smart device support via Bluetooth, low power consumption, and is lightweight enough to easily stick to or hang on a wall.